The Choice between Interior Design and Renovation in Singapore

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Others
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No matter where in the world you live, the desire for an outstanding home is always of prime consideration. We all long to arrive home from work and to be able to look around us with a sense of pride, and that is exactly what you can get when you decide to choose from a wealth of quality interior design studios. However, there are people who would still prefer to undertake their own renovation and ID in Singapore on in Singapore, and that can be accomplished in such a way that the result is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Many people still long for a sense of history within their homes and it is possible to combine contemporary with the traditional when you undertake such project. With some clever mood lighting and some well-chosen pieces, any room can be transformed from a practical area during the daytime to one which is more intimate and romantic during the evening.

Many people are now choosing to employ Upcycling as a part of their renovation and Interior Design Singapore project. Upcycling is a process of converting useless products or waste materials into new products or materials that have a quality and environmental value. Items can be purchased relatively inexpensively from a local charity or thrift stores and then can be transformed into something which not only looks individual and quirky, but also one which you can be assured that no-one else will possess a piece the same.

Renovation and Interior Design Singapore Upcycling Ideas.

Going ‘green’ idea is a massive trend in renovation and Interior Design Singapore techniques, and upcycling is one of the hottest.
When deciding on which item you would like for your renovation and Interior Design Singapore service, it is suggested that you start with something relatively small until you build up confidence in your renovation skills. For a super feature in your hall, hunt through thrift stores close to you for a wooden table of approximately the dimensions you require. Don’t be afraid of the color even if it appears to be old-fashioned or too dark for the effect you desire.

When you get the table home, now comes the exciting part. Gently sand the wood to remove old paint or stain and to give you a ‘key’ for whichever paint you are then going to apply. It is always best to apply two thin coats of whichever color you want, making sure that you do not apply too heavily. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats and then apply a thin top layer of a chalk-based paint which will give a glorious ‘aged’ feel to the end product.

It is suggested something such as Annie Sloan chalk-based paints for the perfect renovation of your table. When completely dry, lightly sand any areas which would naturally become worn such as corners and edges; this will allow the base color to shine through, giving an ‘antiqued’ feel to your renovation and Interior Design Singapore project. Finish with a coat of clear wax to protect your paintwork, and there you go, your very first home renovation and Interior Design Singapore project.


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